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CIU065 | August 25th, 2009 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Remember our British prison girl Ailish (CIU040)? She almost succeeded in undoing her leather prisoner transport belt. So we had to move her to a high security division. New uniform, new restraints. A heavy belly chain is padlocked to her handcuffs which are secured by a bluebox. A connector chain links her hands to her ankles. We give her the keys to see if she can escape this time… ‘It’s no use’, Ailish sighs after trying for a while. That’s better!

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8 Responses to “Prison girl Ailish moved to high security”

  • Andy:

    This girl is stunning!! I have seen the all three updates of her, and I have an idea: Make a site with your prisoner girls like her and make short stories about how they got into your prison, and make some tracking of their “story”. For example, this girl got involved in robbery, and now have a 5 year sentence. First video is in her transport to prison, and the next two was during her sentence. And please, continue with your Grabbed Boobs site!!!!

    • Uniform:

      one of the greatest ideas ever, she can also talk about how humiliating it was to be shackled and transported in an orange jumpsuit
      please make it happen admin

  • Sophia:

    I was like her when was transported to prison. I really not wanted to stay there, and wanted very much to free from my handcuffs

    • 1234:

      Really , what was it like to walk for some serious time locked in shackles?

      • Sophia:

        Was scary. When we was in transport bus, we really wanted to slip off our handcuffs or shackles, and jump outside to run to freedom. Once you are inside prison, they examine you, and I can tell you, that was the worst of prison experience. Inside your cell, you can only get resigned, and wait, because you know you are not going to be out in very much time. I was sentenced to 5 years in 2009, when I had 18 years for DUI.

  • Artorevs:

    She really is a fighter! I love her!

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