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CIU139 | January 25th, 2011 |  Category: Racing girls |  Model(s):

Poor grid girl Morgaine is having a very bad first shoot at She is a tall thin racing girl, looking hot in her high platform heels. But the cuffing for this session is even hotter, and also a little cruel. Since she has the incredible ability to fit a pair of regular handcuffs on her elbows behind her back, she will never be able to escape. A neck cuff is attached to her elbow cuffs, choking her a little on every movement. Her wrists are free, but there is just no way out, how frustrating!

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2 Responses to “Morgaine in a very hard position”

  • Morgaine:

    Assh, so this is what you did with the pictures and video! I like it! Don’t worry, I wasn’t choked or hurt during the shoot. Love to work with you guys again!

  • CuffKey:

    Wow!!!! Morgaine, you are the cutest girls I have ever seen in cuffs ! Tall and skinny. I can hardly wait to see you in tight Smith&Wesson Model 1. Hope to see more of you very soon !
    Thanks and best regards, CuffKey

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