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CIU146 | March 15th, 2011 |  Category: Navy girls |  Model(s):

A lot of members requested a good self cuffing update, where the girl cuffs herself slowly and clearly visible in the pictures and video. We invited hot navy girl Carie to teach her how to do this. In her towering high heels, Carie learns that she has to start by cuffing her ankles, then her wrists, and finally even her thumbs! A heavy connector chain makes walking around very hard, but Carie is still very elegant in her moves. A must see video with great closeups of all the cuffing and walking action!

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One Response to “Navy girl Carie takes a self cuffing lesson”

  • soggo:

    And again I see a lovely girl (with wonderfully deep, dark eyes) carrying chains and cuffs, and again I think how great it would be to actually see her wearing these… and again that’s exactly what happens! Thank you, Carie, and thank you, CuffedInUniform.

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