Natalia Forrest defeated by hinged elbow cuffs

Aaaah Natalia Forrest! We love her, she is so feisty in her struggles. She is getting really experienced in being handcuffed, and she can escape most predicaments (if we let her have the keys of course). But this time we put the little hot blonde in a stricter hogcuffing: we added hinged elbow cuffs. Now, no matter what she does and how far she will get in escaping, the elbow cuffs will not come off. And we know that will frustrate the hell out of her!! :-)

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5 thoughts on “Natalia Forrest defeated by hinged elbow cuffs

  1. she is hot, can you make one of her with leather prisoner belt, leg chain, hinged handcuffs, cuffed behind her back, orange uniform and shoes?

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