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CIU242 | January 15th, 2013 |  Category: Nurses |  Model(s): ,

One thing we learned today: nurses don’t like being neck cuffed to each other! They also don’t like being waist chained and leg ironed! And finally: we learned to always search nurses before leaving them alone in their restraints, because for some reason Nicole was hiding a handcuff key in her uniform pocket! Unlocking all this metal was not easy though. But a lot easier than spending 2 hours chained together by their necks!

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One Response to “Neck cuffed nurses”

  • soggo:

    Nicole and Tracey are a good match, both are lovely and sexy and powerful, and they both wear the nurse uniforms so well, and they both wear their cuffs so well, and these collars…

    Great set with a great vibe; both girls shine.

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