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Cute Ukranian girls Katee and Ally have landed themselves in jail. In orange jumpsuits, waist chains, and ankle cuffs, they have to await their fate. They haven’t even been given shoes, and it is very cold!! Fortunately they have each other for comfort and warmth. Great to watch these young girls all shackled and cuffed up, trying to pass the time in their small holding cell!

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4 Responses to “Katee and Ally locked up in prison”

  • Michael:

    The fact of these girls being Ukrainian makes both of them even sweeter looking. Don’t you just love their pleading eyes wanting their freedom?

  • Sophia:

    Hehehe, these pic remember me when my best friend and I was restrained exactly like theme when we was sent to prison 6 years ago, to a 5 years sentence. We both was scared in these moment, and wanted to comfort each other. Curiously, now I want to become a model from your site. What I need to make a set with you?

  • Anon:

    Please make more videos with both of them.

  • Ronald B:

    Wow! What a beautiful duo. It’s five years since it was posted. One of the best I’ve seen on here. This is the only set for either of these models. Does anybody know if they are still in the business? The duos on this site are very good. This is one of the best perhaps the best I’ve seen so far. Here are two beautiful babes behind bars longing for the freedom that has been taken from them.

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