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CIU353 | March 3rd, 2015 |  Category: Poliskvinnor |  Model(s): ,

Uh oh, Coxy was doing something illegal and she has been stopped by Swedish police officer Megan! These blond girls will have to battle it out, but Coxy does not stand a chance against Megan awesome police power. The cop girl is carrying handcuffs AND legirons, she is determined to put Coxy in a hogcuffed position on the floor. An unconventional arrest, but it’s effective!

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2 Responses to “Coxy hogcuffed by poliskvinnan Megan”

  • Barefootguy:

    Great photos, I love Coxy’s sexy outfit and her facial expressions as she is cuffed. It would be great to see a continuation of this story with Coxy behind bars serving her Prison Sentence with her shoes off and in a nice Prison Uniform!

  • PoliceLover:

    Smokin’ hot!

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