Crystal and Pearl waist chained and jailed

Can you guess how these two girls are related? Just look at their faces (and their names!) and you will see a certain similarity! Crystal was in our jail before, but she didn’t learn anything from that, as she is back now, together with her equally gorgeous cellmate Pearl! Both girls are locked in standard waist chains and leg irons, and they are sent to the jail cell to reflect on their behavior… let’s hope they will learn their lesson now.

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10 thoughts on “Crystal and Pearl waist chained and jailed

  1. Have to say I agree with Uniform, there should be a prison update every week or a new website dedicated to only prison material.

  2. Agree 100% with the above three commenters, having a new site dedicated just to prison girls would be fanatastic

  3. Right now, I don’t subscribe to this website, I just buy the prison sets from images4sale and clips4sale. But if there was a website dedicated to prison girls, I would definitely buy a subscription.

  4. I would sub too a all prisongirl site aswell,even a blue jeans /denim uniform would be fantastic.

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