Crystl needs high security restraints

Wow, our newest prison girl Crystl is actually super flexible! She is determined to escape! Good thing we have used hinged handcuffs attached to a waistchain behind her back, otherwise she would have escaped! Next time, she needs a blue box, Tubes, and even more cuffs and chains! This girl is an escape artist!

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4 thoughts on “Crystl needs high security restraints

  1. A really nice girl, she looks so cute in her orange jumpsuit, but the chain
    she wears around her waist is on the thick side, she looks better with a
    thinner chain, & the connector chain to her cuffs shoudn’t be that long,
    padlock is too big, pity if the key got lost!!

  2. one of the greatest updates ever, more orange jumpsuit updates with her!
    there should be a connector between her handcuffs and her leg cuffs

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