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CIU397 | January 5th, 2016 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Wow, our newest prison girl Crystl is actually super flexible! She is determined to escape! Good thing we have used hinged handcuffs attached to a waistchain behind her back, otherwise she would have escaped! Next time, she needs a blue box, Tubes, and even more cuffs and chains! This girl is an escape artist!

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4 Responses to “Crystl needs high security restraints”

  • Steve:

    A really nice girl, she looks so cute in her orange jumpsuit, but the chain
    she wears around her waist is on the thick side, she looks better with a
    thinner chain, & the connector chain to her cuffs shoudn’t be that long,
    padlock is too big, pity if the key got lost!!

  • orange:

    one of the greatest updates ever, more orange jumpsuit updates with her!
    there should be a connector between her handcuffs and her leg cuffs

  • orange:

    she looks like the new girl in star wars

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