Rachelle Summers in prison restraints

Gorgeous young Rachelle Summers joins our ever growing list of girls in cuffs and uniforms! She is dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit which looks very good on her. Her ankles are chained and her wrists are secured in speedcuffs, attached to a leather prison belt. Good security for the first time! She struggles and tries to get free, but there is no way she can get out of this. Very beautiful girl! We want to keep her and try more cuffs and uniforms on her!

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3 thoughts on “Rachelle Summers in prison restraints

  1. Any chance we could ever see a set/video of a girl wearing cuffs and a disposable diaper? Rachelle Here has done a lot of diaper modelling for one of the biggest diaper pay sites so no biggie…

  2. Sometimes I will not download a prison girl not in a cell but this one is too gorgeous to pass up. Yes, she does look like Kate Winslet. However, she has a fiery temper. She certainly belongs in those restraints. Nice matching fingernail and toenail paint. I bet she cursed a blue streak when she got locked in her cell. :)

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