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CIU606 | January 7th, 2020 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Faye Taylor has earned herself some yard time! The prison girl has been inside so long, she totally forgot how nice it is outside. The birds are singing, sun is shining… she is enjoying every minute of it. Of course, she is still in ankle shackles and handcuffs, but that doesn’t bother her. She is used to her restraints now. It is just nice to be outside!!

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One Response to “Faye Taylor – yard time is good”

  • RonaldB:

    Brunettes rock, even bad brunettes in prison! She plays her role well. I like in the picture set when she is flipping the bird in one pic and then in the next she is sitting sweet and innocent at the table. Very nice feet. I love sites like this that feed both my major fetishes, bare feet and women in prison.

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