Aubrey – gendarme goes to jail

Gendarme Aubrey has been arrested for something quite serious, by the looks of it. They did not even bother to get her out of her uniform, or take off her jewelry. Instead, they locked her into super high security restraints: blue box, waist chain, leg iron, handcuffs. Aubrey must have committed a serious crime to be rushed to a jail cell like this. Of course, she will be processed later, but that might take a while. Now she is just stuck in her cell, wrists tightly cuffed to her waist, waiting for what is to come. Even gendarmes can be arrested, they are not above the law!

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2 thoughts on “Aubrey – gendarme goes to jail

  1. I saw the comment from jack, so I checked this one out. I’m American, so I didn’t know what a Gendarme was until I Googled the word. She is a hottie. I completely agree with jack that there should be a continuation after she has been fitted with her prison orange. Please have her barefoot. I bet her toes are tantalizing. In this video she should have kicked off her heels and relaxed on the bed at the last. Too bad you don’t do strip search. :)

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