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CIU651 | November 17th, 2020 |  Category: WPCs |  Model(s):

This guy that Tillie arrested years ago took revenge on her. Her broke into her home and hogcuffed her. Tillie has no radio, and there is no way she can let anyone know what has happened to her. She is very stuck in her own speedcuffs and leg irons, and she doesn’t even know where he has gone. He may have just left her there!

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One Response to “WPC Tillie cuffed by her enemy”

  • Joe:

    That’s the problem with being so attractive: suspects won’t forget your face! Tillie ought to get her own back while she can remember his…

    Excellent gallery! One of your best policewoman shoots for sure.
    If Mr./Mrs. Webmaster is taking requests: I’d love to see a WPC gallery with the Custodian (“bobby”) helmet sometime, preferably with the chinstrap on. Might be fun to try like that one riding helmet set ‍♀️

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