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CIU659 | January 12th, 2021 |  Category: WPCs |  Model(s):

Jaye Rose was really excited for her interview. She was up for promotion to sergeant, but her colleague is very jealous, because he knows Jaye is better suited than he is. So he locked Jaye in her own speedcuffs, and ran off with her keys. Jaye can’t get to the interview now! She can’t drive like this and she certainly doesn’t want to show up in cuffs! Jaye tries to find a way to escape from the cuffs, but she knows it’s useless. What a desperate situation!

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CIU633 | July 14th, 2020 |  Category: Superheroines |  Model(s):

Wonder Jaye is stuck in handcuffs! Villains have cuffed her and left her behind in these black extra strong handcuffs. She thought she would be able to break them, but she hasn’t succeeded so far. Jaye is getting really frustrated, she should be out there helping people in situations like this! There is no one to help her and there is no key! Maybe Wonder Jaye isn’t as strong as she thought…

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