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CIU309 | April 29th, 2014 |  Category: DDR uniformed girls |  Model(s):

The well known fetish model Amarantha LaBlanche paid us a visit! We love it when experienced bondage models come over to play with our cuffs! They can be cuffed for hours! And they even love it! Or so we thought.. As Amarantha was lying hogcuffed on our floor, wrists crossed behind in Irish 8’s attached to darby leg irons, we got a feeling that she wanted to leave after only an hour… Oh well, good thing we didn’t give her any keys then!

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CIU308 | April 22nd, 2014 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Cute Jessica loves to be in handcuffs! But we have something a little bit more extreme for her: a full prisoner restraints set, with matching striped jumpsuit! Jessica is waist belted, handcuffed, and leg ironed. Then her handcuffs are protected by the high security blue box, wrists crossed in front of her, attached to her waist chain. Now let’s see if she is still a happy prisoner when we toss her the key!

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CIU307 | April 15th, 2014 |  Category: Navy girls |  Model(s):

Ingrid is one of the best strugglers, and this time she is hogcuffed on the bed in her navy uniform!! Speedcuffs are very rigid, so struggling is hard, but Ingrid seems to be very angry… she just wants to get out of these cuffs! Very hot struggle by a tall blonde Scandinavian girl in a navy uniform, don’t miss this!!

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CIU306 | April 8th, 2014 |  Category: Nurses |  Model(s):

Nurse Tammy is very flexible! Her lower back can bend with ease, so a hogcuffing was unavoidable. Tammy looks great in her white nurse gown and boots, but she looks even better when she is struggling very hard to escape from her cuffs! Don’t miss this update, because this girl is a struggler!

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CIU305 | April 1st, 2014 |  Category: School girls |  Model(s): ,

These two schoolgirl friends are locked in RigidFiddles!! Jenni C and Coxy had to stay for a few more hours of detention, but they are almost at the end of their terrible predicament! It’s a cruel punishment for two of the most beautiful schoolgirls you have ever seen, locking cold metal on their necks and wrists. They struggle to find out how to escape, but there is no way. Not until we give them the keys…

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