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CIU409 | March 29th, 2016 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Please welcome our newest inmate Alais Peach! This British girl did not even know what would happen to her today, and before she knew it she was dressed in black and white, all chained up in a prison cell. She ended up on her stomach on the prison bed, hogcuffed and toe cuffed! What kind of prison does this! She was not happy about it, but she could barely struggle in those tight toe cuffs!

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CIU408 | March 22nd, 2016 |  Category: Gymnasts |  Model(s):

It is always Natalia Forrest who has bad luck when it comes to getting cuffed. She was enjoying her shiny gymnast outfit, and was looking forward to showing off her flexibility in cuffs, when we decided the cuffs for today should be thumbcuffs and toe cuffs. There isn’t much movement possible in those evil tiny cuffs! Of course, Natalia wasn’t happy about this! What a disappointment for her!

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CIU407 | March 15th, 2016 |  Category: Nurses |  Model(s):

Tiny 19-year old nurse Vina is in big trouble! She was locked in a RigidFiddle and leg irons, so doing her job was very hard, but she still managed. However, someone got the evil idea of locking her leg irons to her fiddle, so she is completely stuck on the floor, without any hope of escaping. Well, maybe if we give her the keys she can figure out a way to open her ankle cuffs at least.

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CIU406 | March 8th, 2016 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Perhaps the most spectacular inmate of all times, we present to you: Katie Thornton!! We peeled back her jumpsuit before cuffing her wrists to her transport belt, so she can not cover herself up. It is pretty obvious why we want to see her in her bra! She is just spectacular! We are going to keep this prisoner for a long time! She will be in cuffs 24/7, we don’t want this one to get away! Don’t miss the picture set and video clip!!

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CIU405 | March 1st, 2016 |  Category: Maids |  Model(s):

Our maid Vanessa is always cleaning! Well, she does not like it, but she has to. She will lose her green card if she doesn’t. So we can basically make her do anything we want! And we like maids in handcuffs, because it looks good, and makes life a little harder for Vanessa. But it’s also a lot more fun than just cleaning! All maids should be in restraints, as we are sure you will agree. In fact, many of you probably have chained maids at home! Enjoy ours, she is cute!

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