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CIU605 | December 31st, 2019 |  Category: Maids |  Model(s):

Pippa Doll is our slave maid this week! She is so cute in her little maid outfit and her slave collar! She will have to polish and dust all of the furniture in this big house, so she will be busy all day! Unfortunately, the cuffs today are hinged, which makes her work a lot harder and even a little painful. Pippa tries to do her best for us, but soon she is sighing from frustration! Slave maid life is hard!

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CIU604 | December 24th, 2019 |  Category: Equestrian girls |  Model(s):

Equestrian girl Adora is more than a little annoyed!! We have cuffed her and attached her cuffs to a leather prison belt. She thought we would only handcuff her today, and she secretly planned to ride her horse in cuffs (she can do that). But attaching her cuffs to the belt changed everything. She can’t get ONTO her horse now! We didn’t think about that. Sorry Adora!

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CIU603 | December 17th, 2019 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Bex White has been behaving pretty good. She is allowed a little yard break. Of course, she needs to be handcuffed and ankle cuffed when she goes outside, and somehow she did not really like that. She liked it even less when we cuffed her hands around the swing bench. But we don’t want her to run off! Bex can probably run quite fast, even in leg irons. And we don’t want to take any risks. Result: a very angry Bex.

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CIU602 | December 10th, 2019 |  Category: Nurses |  Model(s):

Tegan told us she was off duty for a few hours. We immediately cuffed her in speedcuffs. Tegan was surprised, and told us she was supposed to write reports and have a glass of water! Well, there is no reason a girl can not do all of that in speedcuffs. With a lot of effort, Tegan managed to pour herself a glass of water, and she sighed when she tried to write something on her notepad. It has always been hard for Tegan to move in handcuffs, and she really doesn’t like it, but she will learn!

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CIU601 | December 3rd, 2019 |  Category: School girls |  Model(s):

Grounded, school girl Chloe Welsh is in cuffs and leg irons to make sure she doesn’t leave the house. She doesn’t care. She has her phone and her hair brush, that’s enough for her to spend the day indoors. She can be on her phone for days and days! Chloe doesn’t even like school. Being cuffed sucks, but she would rather be at home in cuffs than at school! So there you go. Next time we will have to hogcuff her and take her phone!

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