Welcome to Waistchain Hospital

CuffedInUniform.com presents: Waistchain Hospital! All the drama, all the nurses, all the care you can possibly wish for… Plus cuffs! The thing that was missing in regular hospitals: nurses in waist chains and leg irons! In Waistchain Hospital, all nurses have to restrain themselves before starting their shifts. In this update, you will see Teresa and Virginia helping each other getting fully restrained at the start of yet another working day. Trust us, you will immediately feel better when these two come to your bed!

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One thought on “Welcome to Waistchain Hospital

  1. I absolutely love waistchain hospital.
    these uniforms look very real life!
    and the girls are totally top to bottem uniformed
    I understand this might not be the most popular
    update. but I would very much like another
    update in this uniform…

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