Model prisoner Brittany

She is a model. And a prisoner. So technically, she is a model prisoner. But model prisoners don’t struggle, and that is exactly what Brittany does… a lot! She is in a waist chain and leg irons, but she thinks she can get out. As she struggles, she accidentally tightens an ankle cuff, causing her great trouble and discomfort. But Brittany does not give up, she keeps trying to break free. You have to admire her, a professional swimsuit model, putting so much effort in breaking real prison restraints… while looking incredibly hot!

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3 thoughts on “Model prisoner Brittany

  1. Don’t know if there was a change of equipment recently, but the resolution on the image set is phenomenal. And the model is outstanding.

  2. Well, brittany is stunning.great set,prison girls just seem to be getting better and better,love the way brittany and sophie wear the jumpsuit, studs undone very teasing!!
    would be amazing to see brittany and sophie together in orange.
    keep up the great work,and yes resolution is fantastic. thanks

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