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CIU149 | April 5th, 2011 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Prison girl Alyssia and her cute little white socks are in trouble! She is shackled and handcuffed, waiting for transport. A leather prisoner belt keeps her wrists close to her waist. She actually likes the pink handcuffs, but they do not match her orange jumpsuit. So it’s time for an escape attempt! Don’t worry, transport belt escapes are impossible… probably…

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2 Responses to “Pink cuffs and transport belt for Alyssia”

  • saekonogami:

    could it be possible to see the girls getting striped and forced to put the orange jumpsuit.
    It would be even better if they refuse to remove teir shoes and socks. As they must be barefoot in cells, we see a warden remving their shoes and socks.

  • short socks guy:

    she is hot with the short socks is it possible to keep the short socks but handcuff her behind her back in orange jumpsuit

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