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CIU159 | June 14th, 2011 |  Category: Nurses |  Model(s):

One of the most beautiful girls on the planet today, Melissa is dressed as a nurse for our website! Her slender wrists and ankles are locked firmly into Irish 8 cuffs, and Melissa is given a key. She does not know how these cuffs work and she will have a big problem trying to get the key into the keyhole on her wrist cuffs. Will our cute nurse win this challenge? Find out by watching the video clip!

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One Response to “Nurse Melissa in the Irish 8 challenge”

  • xerusx1:

    This is fantastic. I would like to see Melissa in a set waering wither the maid outfit or the school uniform that Dominika C wears in the chalkboard set. Melissa should first gag herself, then put irish 8’s on her ankles, with a chain that secures her to something immoble. She should then put irish 8’s n her wrists (behind her back) and toss the key so that it is out of her reach. This wouls make for another excellent update!

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