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CIU235 | November 27th, 2012 |  Category: Diver girls |  Model(s):

A member request! Diving girl Taylor will now try to escape from a pair of Irish 8 handcuffs, while wearing a diving mask. A very hard challenge, because opening a pair of these cuffs is very very hard when they are locked onto your own wrists. The mask is fogging up, so Taylor has to be very fast or she won’t be able to see anything! Do you have a member request? Don’t hesitate to send it in!

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4 Responses to “Diving mask challenge!”

  • diver:

    I wish she would put the snorkel in her mouth at some point. Thats a huge turnon!

  • Divefan:

    The diver girls are getting hotter everytime lets have them wear fins too to finish off the outfits, Awesome!

  • scubalover:

    Wow, so sexy…. Love it!!
    I agree that it would be even hotter, if she would breath through the snorkel some time and if you could complete the outfit with some fins.

  • cufflover:

    could we have a prison update for her? With pink handcuffs+leg irons, black+white prison suit and the rest will be up to you ;)

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