Alisa jailed

One of the most gorgeous glamour models in the world, Alisa just happened to be in the area looking for shoots. Well, we guess she did not expect to be put in jail today! She is wearing the classic orange jumpsuit, and she is in high security restraints. A waist chain and blue box with her wrists crossed in front, and ankle cuffs of course. This tall fashion model was in our jail for a few hours! Did you know you can be in this jail too? Check out to book your own jail and restraints time, including a female guard to handle you!

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One thought on “Alisa jailed

  1. Almost 3 years since this post and no comments? Well let me be first to agree that this woman is drop dead gorgeous. That makes me ask if she is in for murder? Glad she left a few buttons undone for the side boob view. And those sexy feet! She knows they are too and she’s flaunting them just as much as her boobs. I sure do wish that the strip search could have been recorded also.

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