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CIU541 | October 9th, 2018 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Don’t miss this update of the wonderful Keira Lavelle in prison! She is locked in many heavy restraints! Her wrists are cuffed in heavy Clejuso model 15 handcuffs, attached to her thick leather prison belt. Her ankles are cuffed, and she is chained to the wall with a heavy chain attached to her neck cuff! Is all this really necessary to keep this beautiful blonde in jail? Probably not, but we like to keep our prison girls in secure restraints. And judging by Keira’s struggles, that was a good call!

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One Response to “Keira Lavelle in heavy prison restraints”

  • Ronald B:

    Here is another blonde with sexy feet and looks good in that orange. Like the woman i reviewed earlier, she does a very convincing act as beautiful but bad to the bone. I wouldn’t let her out for one minute. I googled her and saw her web page with all her glamour modeling. It was hard to believe she played this part yet can be so highly glamorous.

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