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CIU547 | November 20th, 2018 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Tiny girl Polina is in prison! The guards used Irish 8 on her to make her life very hard. These cuffs keep the wrists very close together, so Polina has trouble moving and getting comfortable. But it gets worse! She is put into a hogcuff position with the Irish 8 behind her back, but with her palms facing out! This is one of the most helpless positions for prisoners, and Polina does not understand what she did to deserve this! For her first time in cuffs, this is very harsh!

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2 Responses to “Polina in prison – palms out”

  • Artorevs:

    Please show her in Beltboud in s bolero straitjacket and anklecuffs!

  • Ronald B:

    This is the best shoot I’ve downloaded here so far, and I think I have most of the prison girls by now. The orange uniform goes well with a blonde. She’s got sexy bare feet, feeding that other fetish of mine. Her finger nail polish matches the cuffs and her toenail polish matches the jump suit. How more polished (pun intended) can you get? :)

    Even as gorgeous as she is, I would never let her go because she’s acting just like a bad woman no matter how beautiful and she deserves what she is getting. I hope you can bring her back and lock her up time and again.

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