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CIU611 | February 11th, 2020 |  Category: WPCs |  Model(s):

WPC Cindy is new on the job. She just got her uniform! Cindy is so proud, and she can’t wait to go to the station to start working. At home, she investigates her speedcuffs, she has always wanted a pair of those! Curious, she tries them on herself. She locks them on tight, just the way she was taught at police academy. But when she wants to show us how to take them off, she starts panicking. Searching her entire duty belt for the keys, she can’t seem to find them. Now what?

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  • Jon whyke:

    Hi there. Could you please arrange a wpc photo shoot sometime with the model wearing a black skirt with either black tights or black stockings and high heels.

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