Charlie Ten in jail

Cute redhead Charlie Ten has been booked into jail! But to her surprise, the restraints did not come off when she was locked in her cell. She is still locked in a waist chain, handcuffs with blue box, leg irons, and even thumb cuffs! Surely this is all a bit unnecessary? Charlie is confused, will the guard come back to take off these restraints? Did they leave her all by herself in the cell, still cuffed? This is terrible!

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One thought on “Charlie Ten in jail

  1. Cute redhead indeed. Redheads are my favorite because they are much more than just hair color. She must have gotten involved with a shady boyfriend. Hopefully she will get a deal to tell on him and get off with little or no time. She fills out that orange well, and she has, much to my delight, gorgeous feet. The rings go well with her handcuffs and thumb cuffs but in reality she would never have been allowed to keep them.

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