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CIU632 | July 7th, 2020 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Leila Mazz is our newest prison girl! She looks pretty tough in her orange jumpsuit, but she’s not happy about the restraints policy. In our prison, the restraints stay on even INSIDE the cell. All the time! And Leila is locked in a handcuff/leg iron combination, attached to a leather prison belt. She hates cuffs, and she makes sure we are all aware of the fact she is unhappy. Well, though luck Leila, you will be in there for a while!

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One Response to “Leila Mazz – unhappy prisoner”

  • RonaldB:

    This is a long way from the Leila Mazz the sweet happy innocent on iStripper. She really does look like a hardened criminal here.

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