Darina – pink prison jumpsuit!

Darina is the first prison girl in the new color jumpsuit. It is very pink! We now have a supplier that can supply all colors and sizes. This one is a little big for Darina, so we may have to order her a slightly smaller one, but it really looks good! Darina is cuffed in heavy Clejuso cuffs, connector chain, and TWO pairs of leg irons! What color do you think is best for prison girls? Are you into classic orange? Or black-and-white stripes? Or do you prefer a classification system, with different colors for different categories of prisoner (high security, dangerous, long stay, etc)? Let us know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Darina – pink prison jumpsuit!

  1. Different uniforms based on conviction and sentencing status, risk level, and sentence. Especially shocking if someone expecting to get a fine for unpaid traffic fines enters court “symbolically” in a less serious, comfortable uniform and shoes than others feeling superior but leaves looking like the common criminals they looked down upon.

  2. This is one of my first downloads since just joining. The pink is different but I like it. Looks good on this blonde. Nice manicure and pedicure she has. I like the action at the last with her feet on the bars. Nice to find another site that feeds both my fetishes, women’s prison and bare feet.

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