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CIU667 | March 9th, 2021 |  Category: WPCs |  Model(s):

Polish police officer Ellena was recently transferred to the UK police force! She just received her new uniform and she loves it! But she especially loves the speedcuffs! Because she didn’t use handcuffs like these in Poland, they are very unique to the UK police. She immediately tries them on her own wrists, without even checking if her new uniform came with any handcuff keys. Rookie mistake?

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CIU517 | April 24th, 2018 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Ellena wrote us if she could become a prison girl for a day (you can write us too!), “with uniform and waist belt and restraints”. Of course! All girls should become prison girls! As often as possible! We love girls in restraints, and an orange jumpsuit with a leather transport belt is even better! Ellena soon regretted her adventure though, she thought it was rather boring after a while. But there was nothing she could do, so she just sat there and moaned a bit. Poor Ellena! Welcome to CuffedInUniform!

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