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CIU672 | April 13th, 2021 |  Category: Gymnasts |  Model(s):

We handcuffed ultra fit babe Kasia with a pair of black UZI handcuffs! She was a little angry at first, but she decided not to let us win: Kasia was going to do her exercises anyway. See her try her standard routine in cuffs, it is not easy, but Kasia is determined. Her body is just amazing, we can’t blame her for not wanting to skip a workout. She needs to stay in shape, cuffed or not!

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CIU529 | July 17th, 2018 |  Category: Prison girls |  Model(s):

Kasia has often been handcuffed before, she told us. But we were not allowed to ask her why. Speedcuffs were new to her though! And so were leg irons, which she seemed to have a lot of trouble with. She kept pulling them and touching them, as if something was bothering her about the ankle cuffs. Hmm, this girl belongs in cuffs, that’s obvious. She just needs to get used to different types of restraints.

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