Nurse Lau hogcuffing prison girl Mau

Correctional nurse Lau is a really strict woman. She forces her little prison girl Mau into a waist chain, cuffs her hands behind her back, tells her to get on her knees and worship her high heels. As if that is not enough punishment, Lau makes Mau lie on her stomach, and she quickly cuffs the ankle cuffs to the waist chain, leaving poor prison girl Mau in a very tight arched hogcuffing. Then comes the tickling and teasing… what a nurse!! This is mean girl torture at its best!

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4 thoughts on “Nurse Lau hogcuffing prison girl Mau

  1. Very cute. :)
    But if I scroll down the list, I realise that the orange suit is used far more often than the black&white one. And I have a slight preference of the b&w one over the orange one.

  2. This is indeed very cute, but I agree that the sexy jailbird halloween costume is better than the real thing. And stripes are better than orange. I’ve also noticed that you have many models wearing shoes in your shoots. I bet I’m not the only one who wants to see more shoeless girls. More socks, nylons, and barefoot girls… Socks with jailbird costume
    Your girls are very beautiful, you photography is excellent, and the content is on the right track. Just have the shoes come off more and we’re all set!

  3. @x1010y: Black&White is not “helloween costume” only anymore.
    B&W was the tradtional American prison uniform in the 19th century and was replaced by Orance in the 20th century because it was seen as “degrading clothing”. But they had been reitroduced to the US-Prison system in 1997, because other jumpsuit wearing workers/doctors ect had been mistaken for prisoners too often and b&w stripes is burned into the mind of everyone as “prison clothing” since 200 or so years and no one else uses that color combination on their jumpsuits. So its “real” too. Not only at Helloween or in Wild West movies. It has been re-introduced.

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