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CIU177 | October 18th, 2011 |  Category: Polizistinnen |  Model(s):

Sexy Alyssia returns to! This girl has the longest legs ever, they just go on and on! Tall and elegant, this German polizistin loves cuffing herself with her trusty pair of hinged handcuffs. We ask her to cuff her stunning legs as well, because these legs were made to be shackled! Watch Alyssia play with her cuffs in this stunning update!

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2 Responses to “Polizistin Alyssia loves self cuffing!”

  • Visitoor:

    Why not behind the back?

  • highheel01:

    Alyssia is the hottest German policewoman ever seen. Love her playing with cuffs especially with the hinged ones… Her legs are superlong and the high heels fit perfectly with the legirons. I want to get cuffed by her and want to feel her heels.

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