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CIU396 | December 29th, 2015 |  Category: Racing girls |  Model(s):

Little Caprice is our little grid girl of the day!! She looks so hot in her racing outfit! But she looks even hotter in a RigidSpreader with the padlocks on the inside! It’s impossible to escape, you would say. But not for this clever cute girl! Little Caprice always tries to find a way to get out, and she is incredible! She really does not know how to give up!!

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One Response to “Little Caprice – the incredible escape”

  • Steve:

    Caprice in metal bondage, appreciated in more pix., I would like to
    see her strapped in a racing car, but kept in bondage! was she ever in
    a rigid fiddle? Jeez, she’s so very nice & cute!

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