Lottii Rose is absolutely fed up

Lottii Rose doesn’t like her permanent status as a ‘dangerous inmate’. It means she is locked in speedcuffs and a prisoner belt 24/7. We don’t understand why she is so angry, we are trying to be very nice to her. Today, we have even allowed her to go outside for a bit of fresh air. Lottii is still very angry, complaining about her restraints, but she doesn’t seem to understand these cuffs are for her own protection. We will just let her rant for a while, maybe the yard time will calm her down.

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3 thoughts on “Lottii Rose is absolutely fed up

  1. You are not enough strict with her. Cuffed in front only? Should be cuffed behind back. And legcuffs, too. Lottii should be barefoot, as shoes are not permitted to inmates.

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