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CIU624 | May 12th, 2020 |  Category: Nurses |  Model(s):

Nurse Rosie is a sweet girl, giving all she has to take care of her patients, especially now. But she has been working non stop for weeks, she really needed to take a break. The only way to stop her from going out is to restrain her. That didn’t make her very happy, she wants to go to work! Trust us Rosie, it is best for all of us if you take a day off once in a while! If we have to cuff you to stay home, so be it!

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One Response to “Nurse Rosie worked too hard”

  • Cellarab:

    Rosie is beautiful, so to do her more naked she should be cuffed behind back. I prefer cuffing behind back since in the front is not strict enough.

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