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CIU352 | February 24th, 2015 |  Category: School girls |  Model(s):

Incredibly cute school girl Rosie wanted to learn about our RigidFiddles. But she is so small, we had to find our smallest one, the RigidFiddle model ‘oo’ (wrists in line with the neck). After only a few minutes however, Rosie decided that a RigidFiddle wasn’t so much fun after all. She likes her freedom! See how she reacts to being rigidly restrained in a locked metal contraption! This is lots of fun to watch!!

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3 Responses to “School girl Rosie in a RigidFiddle”

  • Steve:

    Yo really look nice, so cute with your hair tied up, extreeemely NICE!
    does any type of bondage make yo horny sweetie baby? it’s a pity that
    you’re not on a few more videos.

  • William:

    I know this girl hasn’t modeled for you guys in awhile, but do you know if she has modeled elsewhere?

    • admin:

      Yes, she is on,,,,, and a few other sites.

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